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Want To Make Money?

Email Outperforms ANY Other
Type Of Marketing Period!

The best and fastest way to get thousands of dollars per month
in income is to build a email list of hungry buyers
ready to send you cash!

Every Email You Collect Is Worth
At Least $1 Per Month

Let's say that CONSERVATIVELY you could add just 25 new emails to your list each day
[and we'll show you EXACTLY how to do that below]:

In 30 days ...

You could be making

In just 2 months ...

You could be making

In a quick 90 days from now...

You could be making

And in just 6 months you could be making:

The Math Doesn't Lie:
Email Is Where The Money Is

You don't need hype to show off the profitability of email. The numbers above are very conservative.

Many marketers (including us) average MUCH more than $1 per subscriber per month ...

And are able to add MANY more than 25 new subscribers each day.

In fact, we consistently make 4 figures PER DAY and 5 figures EACH MONTH purely from our lists.

Imagine Your Life
When You're Making Profits Like THESE:

This is NOT rocket science. This is NUMBERS.

It's not a fad or untested scheme ... email marketing has stood the test of time and is the basis of the majority of our online income.

BUT ... Not All Email Lists
Are Created Equal

Building a QUALITY list isn't as easy today as just a few years ago.
Gone are the days of slapping together a quick report to get subscribers.

To create a PROFITABLE list in this age where people
can find info on ANYTHING with a quick online search,
You Need TWO Things:

To OFFER something of incredible value in
exchange for an email address

To ATTRACT ACTION-TAKING subscribers: people
looking for a SOLUTION that they'll actually use

How Do You Do This?

Software: The ULTIMATE
List Building Magnet

Software has an extremely high perceived value - MUCH more than eBooks, cheat sheets and even videos.

Even MORE importantly, people that subscribe for software are actively looking for a TOOL they can use ... by definition, these subscribers are action takers.


HIGHLY PROFITABLE SUBSCRIBERS When you use software as a lead magnet, you deliver INCREDIBLE value. And your subscriber thinks "if this is what he/she gave me for FREE ... imagine the value they offer in the PAID products they recommend"

ACTION-TAKING SUBSCRIBERS This is key. There are plenty of info-junkies that'll sign up for any free content ... but people that subscribe for software are ACTION TAKERS. They're after a tool they'll actually use ... and are MUCH MORE likely to act on any further recommendations you send their way.

You're Probably Wondering
"Great - But How Do I Get My Hands
On QUALITY Software To Build My List?"

Great question. Sourcing or developing software is not easy or cheap.

Even a simple software could cost you $1000 to have developed.

Then throw in another $197 to have someone create a squeeze page for you ...

Another $197 for a secure delivery page ...

Then toss in another $297 PER YEAR for solid hosting ...

So your upfront cost to setup a software list building system is about $1691 ...

And that's just for ONE software lead magnet.

To build your list fast & consistently, you'll need more than one lead generation system in place. Meaning you can multiply that $1691 by 3, 4 or even 5 times ...

No WONDER People Think
List Building Is So Hard! It Is!

Picture this instead:

Having access to SIX premium, cutting-edge software solutions you can give away without ANY of the development costs

Being GIVEN optimized & PROVEN TO CONVERT squeeze pages for EACH software

Getting DFY delivery pages that securely deliver your giveway to each new subscriber ... so you don't even need to pay for hosting or EVEN have your own website!

You'd instantly have 6 pre-built lead-generation campaigns without any of the upfront OR ongoing costs ...
And could start building lists of PROFITABLE subscribers with ZERO effort.

Well That is EXACTLY What We Have For You Today.

Hey this is Brett Rutecky along with
my partner, Mike From Maine.

One thing we learned EARLY in online
marketing is you NEED to build a list to be profitable.

Thanks to list building, we're each 7 figure marketers and our incomes continue to grow with very little extra effort.

Thankfully Brett is a highly skilled software developer, so he doesn't have to pay others to create the tools he uses and gives away. And has been able to create multiple UNIQUE softwares that solve real problems for real people.

Until now, Brett's only used these softwares to build his own lists.

But we've both seen how HARD list building has become for marketers.

So for the 1st time EVER ... Brett is allowing others to give away his softwares as FREE lead magnets to build their very own profitable lists.

And has taken it 3 steps further to create the ultimate, Done-For-You list-building package for ANYONE serious about profiting with email.

By including professionally developed squeeze pages - tested & optimized for maximum conversions - AND slick delivery pages so your ENTIRE list building systems are handled for you.

It's simple math combined with PROVEN strategy. Quality subscribers added to your list every single day ... equals profits whenever you send an email to your list.

We both use these methods because they're the most effective way to build lists that pay out commissions like clockwork.

Targeted subscribers that TAKE ACTION on your recommendations are a recipe for daily passive profits.

So if you DON'T want to:

Struggle to add profitable subscribers using outdated lead magnets like eBooks & videos that take TOO much time for TOO little return

Pay huge fees to software developers, designers & developers EVERY time you want a new lead generation system

Keep paying big dollars for ads that may or may not let you break even ...

Then just let us do it ALL for you with this 1st ever COMPLETELY done-for-you list building system that attracts targeted, high-value subscribers for ZERO effort.

Introducing: Value Deliver

Done-For-You Lists Where YOU Keep The Profits

Value Deliver is the BEST list building solution that lets you effortlessly create HIGHLY PROFITABLE email lists giving away premium softwares.

Grow your list FAST with Done-For-You premium lead magnets, squeeze pages and automated product delivery

Generate MAXIMUM profits per subscriber by attracting qualified leads that are proven action-takers

Instantly access SIX premium list-building systems that are proven to convert and pack your list full of engaged subscribers

Get UNLIMITED access to each software for your personal use to grow and diversify your income

Everything You Need
For Explosive Profits Is Included

6 (SIX) Premium Software Lead Magnets Personally Developed By Brett Rutecky (never before available to give away for free)

6 Professional Landing Pages Created By Professional Designers - tested and optimized for maximum conversions

6 Professionally Designed Delivery Pages To THANK People For Subscribing And Deliver Their Freebie - optimized to build YOUR trust & authority from the moment new people subscribe

Finally - The EASY Way To Online Profits!

Forget the hassles & costs of trying to convert ‘freebie-seekers' into buyers using outdated eBooks & reports.

We all know those people aren't buying - worse still, they COST you money hogging up space on your autoresponder.

Forget risking time & money on message bots - sure, we've tried them too but the technology is new and untested ... email is CONSISTENTLY far more profitable.

This is YOUR time to easily create highly targeted lists of engaged subscribers that look forward to hearing from you ... act on your recommendations ... and put money in your pocket.

3 Fast & EASY Steps

To Profit With Value Deliver:

6 Incredible Softwares

- SIX Complete List Building Systems

Attract FRESH Untapped Subscribers With These 6 Premium Softwares

That's SIX Premium Softwares YOU Can Use To Build Your Lists ...

Each Personally Developed By Brett & PROVEN To Work

So You Can Build TARGETED Lists Of Profitable Subscribers In MULTIPLE Niches!

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I understand my low 1-time investment is completely covered by a money-back guarantee

Now Let Value Deliver
Build Your List For You ...

With Done-For-You TOP-CONVERTING Squeeze Pages
For EACH Software!

For any list building campaign to be successful, the squeeze page has to do the job. We've commissioned the best designers in the business to create unique squeeze pages for each software ...

And have been running traffic to each page for months ... Split-testing along the way until each page is optimized to convert at the HIGHEST possible level!

Relax knowing each page is fine-tuned to MAXIMIZE your optin-rate and grow your list FAST - here's just ONE of the squeeze pages included with your package:

Although that might look like a simple landing page, nothing could be farther from the truth. It's the result of DOZENS of split tests using MULTIPLE sources of traffic.

Every single element has been optimized to maximize conversions to build your list as quickly as possible.

And we've done the same thing for EACH squeeze page specific to EACH lead magnet inside Value Deliver.

The hard work's been done and now YOU get all the rewards. More profitable lists, faster & easier than EVER before.



Each squeeze page comes preloaded with a professional video describing the free download. But you have the choice to upload your OWN video for a more custom look, on each and every page.

Get GLOBAL Reach
With GDPR Compliant Pages

Every squeeze page inside Value Deliver is GDPR compliant with the click of your mouse. Meaning you can market to European audiences without risk ... and attract subscribers globally.

You have the option to select a GDPR compliant page or a generic page for non-European countries, giving you the best of both worlds.

Ready For VIRAL Traffic

All of your Value Deliver squeeze pages are 100% compatible with FB, right out of the box. Post them to your profiles, pages and groups ... even to other social platforms ... to drive VIRAL traffic to your offers.

Compatible With Leading Autoresponders

Value Deliver connects via API to AWeber, MailChimp and GetResponse ... so you can add your leads seamlessly & directly to SPECIFIC lists on those autoresponders.

No more manually importing / exporting leads, it's all done for you from inside the platform.

If you don't yet have an autoresponder or aren't fully satisfied with the one you have, great news ...

List Building Profits Are YOURS
For The Taking

This package of six COMPLETE list building packages has never been offered before. We've NEVER let anyone giveaway these premium softwares in the past.

You're getting access to the EXACT SAME list building systems we've both used to build and grow 7 figure online businesses.

So what's the catch?

Value Deliver will ONLY be available at this price for 3 short days. When this launch ends, the price will go way up!

Right now you get EVERYTHING:

  • All 6 premium softwares
  • 6 tested and proven-to-convert squeeze pages
  • 6 delivery pages

Build HIGHLY profitable lists that can make you DAILY commissions ... WITHOUT needing a website, hosting, or paid autoresponder ever again.

It's the ultimate win-win for you. All the profits, NONE of the costs.

But like we said, 3 days only. As you can see, we reward action takers.
Let's get YOU your reward.

It Gets Even Better
- We'll Take On ALL The Risk

Right now you can grab Value Deliver for an insanely low one-time price. To make this an even easier decision, we'll completely back your investment with:

The Value Deliver 100% Money Back Guarantee

Pick up Value Deliver now & try it out yourself. See how EASY it is to build powerful lists with the powerful tools inside.

If you have questions or need assistance along the way, our team will be happy to resolve any issues you're having.

But in the unlikely event you're not fully satisfied, contact us within 14 days of purchase, let us know why you are unhappy and we will give you a full refund.

Get Instant Access Now!

I understand my low 1-time investment is completely covered by a money-back guarantee

Thanks for coming by this page.
We wish you the very best of success and would love to help in any way we can.

- Brett Rutecky & Mike from Maine

P.S. Like many, we didn't have a CLUE when we started online. But thanks to fine-tuning list building have been able to each generate consistent 7 figure incomes. We'd love to show you exactly how to do the same.

Value Deliver

DISCLAMER: The income graphics shown here are real results generated by Brett and Mike. They are ment to inspire and motivate you. Neither Brett nor Mike can guarantee you any specific results. You may earn more or less than they do. As always the results you get will largely depend on the amount of effort you put in. No valid marketing tool (like Value Deliver) is a 'get rich quick' button.